About me :

Abbas Kamranian Marnani


Educations :

M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering (Energy Conversion), IUT , 2003.

  • Thesis: Numerical Simulation of Spray Evaporation and Combustion in industrial Furnaces.
  • Supervisor: Dr. M. Davazdah Emami
  • Advisor: Prof. E. Shirani

B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering (Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics), IUT, 2000.

  • Thesis: Design and Optimization of Indirect Gas Heater (with interstitial fluid: Water + Ethylene Glycol) - Sponsored by Arak Machine Manufacturing
  • Supervisor: Dr. A. Saboonchi

Research Interests :

  • Gas-Particle Two-Phase Flow
  • Rolling Resistance Models
  • Particle Collision Models
  • Cohesive Forces
  • Four-Way Coupling
  • Particle Contact Models